Hello, thanks for visiting my site!

I started designing websites for my bands and friend’s bands back in 1999.  Since then, I have taken a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to filling up the pages with content.  Instead of looking to others for graphic design elements, photographs or video for the websites I created, I went ahead and did the research, took classes and literally jumped in head first into learning as much as I could on each of the practices.

This approach to tackling  multimedia landed me in Las Vegas in 2004 where I worked as an in-house webmaster for one of the largest automotive retailers in the world.  I built websites for this dealer from the ground up and eventually started producing the dealer’s wacky commercials which caught the eye of a well-known New York City based television production company.   The dealership soon became the first ever dealership to have its own national reality TV show series based on the inner-workings of the business. For much of the shows duration I was the liaison between the dealership and the production company which gave me a glimpse into the world of television and even had the privilege to travel with the show’s main cast on promotional tours including stops on the Jay Leno Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sirius Radio Stations and countless other media outlets throughout the country.

The insight to the TV show gave me a thirst for video production which I’m still trying to quench to this day. Towards the tail end of my stay in Las Vegas in 2009 I was running (building & developing) the websites for not only the original Dodge dealership that I started at but also had taken over the websites for the auto group’s other stores including a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Hummer, Smart Car, and Infiniti brands. As for the video, I took over all video production duties for the large Dodge store and was creating all TV commercials and infomercials in-house.

Upon returning home to San Diego in 2010 I took a position as an internet manager and BDC director at an automotive retailer for one year as I finished up my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Marketing.

In June 2010 I became self employed and haven’t looked back since.  I’m currently working with a wide range of clients offering web design, graphics and video services.  Most notably, I have had the opportunity to marry my first love of music with my passion for videography by becoming one of the main videographers for the local San Diego music show produced by NBC called Sounddiego.

Regardless of what your multimedia need is, there is a chance that I can help.  Please contact me at 619.512.2727 to discuss your project and so I can show you that I am truly a one stop shop for all your media needs at an affordable price.