Hey! I’m Eric.

I’m a branding and marketing expert that has been working hands-on with brands in several industries for over 15yrs. 

Regardless of your industry I feel that I can be of help in cultivating and amplifying your message to gain more attention to your business that converts to revenue. 

I currently only work with a handful of businesses on a day to day basis, but my passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs crush their goals by implementing marketing plans that create raving fans.  This year I’m committing some of my spare time to helping as many of these businesses as possible by offering a free 1hr branding and marketing consultation. 

On the consultation I would like to get a grasp of what your core business is and share with you tips and tricks that I’ve learned through the years while helping build several multi-million dollar brands from the ground up.

If you feel you can use a boost on your branding and marketing efforts for your business, product, or service please scroll down and schedule the consultation with me. We’ll jump on a conference call and I can download as much knowledge as I can to you within the hour. 

Thanks again for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you!

Talk Soon,